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New interview in UK

Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO, Alea Global Group, receives the award for Outstanding Contribution to Business CEO of the Year Kuwait 2016 and Most Innovative CEO of the Year Kuwait 2016 Watch the full interview here:

The impact of recent terror attacks in Europe

The  recent  terror  attacks  in  Europe  have temporary  depressive  shocks  on  the  stock  market and  lasting  impact  on  travel,   leisure,  and  consumer  spending, but  foreign  direct  investment  into  Europe  is  relatively  unaffected.  However,  terrorist   attacks  in  the  Middle  East  have a  significant  lasting  impact  on  foreign  direct  investment since  smaller,  less  diversified   economies  are  less  Read more about The impact of recent terror attacks in Europe[…]

US presidential election

While U.S.  presidential  elections  are  incredibly  difficult  to  predict,  we  predicts  that  the  2016  U.S.  presidential   election  will  be  between  Hillary  Clinton  and  Donald  Trump,  with Hillary  Clinton  narrowly  winning  the  presidency.   A  Trump  presidency  would  worsen  trade  and  investment  relations  between  the  U.S.  and  Middle  East,  while  a   Clinton  presidency  would  result  in  increased  Read more about US presidential election[…]

Oil and Gas

The  current  situation  in  the  oil  market  proves  that  the  GCC  countries  are  the   dominant of  the  oil  and  gas  sector  globally  and  it  is  one  of  the  best  regions  for  oil   and  gas  investments. The  firm  decision  from  the  GCC  countries  not  to  cut  the  production  level  is  an   indication  that  the  GCC  countries  Read more about Oil and Gas[…]