Terrorist attacks in the GCC countries

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There are very limited terrorist attacks in the GCC countries latest yesterday in Saudi Arabia on Shia Mosque comparing to the rest of the region. The GCC has solid/sophisticated security system with the cooperation of the major friends’ countries.

Security is a priority topic for the GCC countries post the Iraq invasion to Kuwait in 1990.

The unity of the six GCC countries since 1981 provides solid investment foundation. Foreign capital will continue to inflow in the GCC countries since the GCC governments continue to ensure smooth investment progress and provide guarantees for the foreign investors.

di Arabia and USA, Russia and China is an indication of a healthy GCC investment environment. Visiting any of the GCC countries will shed the light that the governments continue to spend in infrastructure and construction projects in spite the decline of the oil prices.

This is another indication of a developing economies. Most of the GCC countries are highly ranked as peaceful places (Global Peace Index).