Alea Brings Italian Fitness to Kuwait

Alea Global Group are delighted to bring a brand new Italian fitness movement to Kuwait.

MoveOn was created by experienced trainer Luca Amitrano, and uses a variety of proven techniques alongside cutting edge technology for a full body workout that also boosts mental well-being.

Using cardio, circuit training, aerobics and yoga, MoveOn is a complete fitness programme suited to the vast majority of people. It’s also a lot of fun, and we were able to prove this when we bought Luca and MoveOn to two malls in Kuwait for some free demonstration sessions.

MoveOn classes took place at the Alkout Mall on April 12th and the 360 Mall on April 13th, and both sessions were free to attend.

Presented by Luca and Alea Global Group, the MoveOn events were sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Kuwait, and the Italian Olympics National Committee.