Introducing MoveOn – A Fitness Revolution


Alea Global Group is proud to represent MoveOn, the latest and most advanced health, fitness and wellbeing programme from experienced international trainer Luca Amitrano.

MoveOn is a combination of physical and mental exercises which can transform your body and mind through varied and exciting classes, as well enabling you to track your progress and speak to experts via an online platform.

Among the other new technology featured in MoveOn is an integrated music tool that enables trainers to match the BPM of the soundtrack with the pace of the class, to create a truly responsive session.

As well as efficient cardio for effective fat burning, MoveOn also has a fun and social element that combats our natural inclination for laziness by giving each session the buzz of a dance class. The result is a complete workout that participants actively want to join in with.

There are also postural and strength training elements to combat stress and bring lasting benefits even when the class is over.

Such an all-round workout can only exist because of the many years of experience Luca has of working with international fitness brands, and studying the psychology and physiology of exercise.

MoveOn is a complete workout that breaks down the obstacles many of us put in the way of our fitness goals, as well as bringing additional lifestyle benefits from relaxation and stress reduction to better posture, a wider social network, and an improved mental attitude.

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