Islamic Finance – February 2016

Islam and money or in other words Islamic banking  is simply  sharing the profits and losses between the 2 parties involve in any transaction. Islamic finance assets is growing intensely with an expectation to reach USD 1.8 trillion by 2020.

Many conventional banks in the Islamic world has Islamic finance arm not to miss the opportunity. Most of  the  recent  investment  products  in  the  Islamic  world  are   comply  with  the  Islamic  finance  law to  cover larger  clientele. For  the  last  10  years  even  non-­religious  clients  prefer  to  have  Islamic finance  to   conventional  because  it  is  less  risky,  more  profitable  and  has  a  solid  track  record  in   a  short  period.

Islamic  scholar  reputation  is  an  important  marketing  element  for  any  new  Islamic   product/service;;  the scholar  is  a  credibility  added  value.

Choosing  a  scholar  is  a  balance  between  his  knowledge/awareness  of  Islamic   finance  law  and understanding the  business  part  of  any  product/service.

Adopting  the  Islamic  finance  law  to  the  finance  development  is  the  success  key  of   any  new  product  or service.