A company merging world class food and hospitality with incredible design to create unforgettable experiences. We are working with Elcielo Group to bring their business, hotel and restaurant brands to the Gulf Region, and partner with them to grow and target the experience economy in that region.

A fitness and wellbeing revolution from Italy, we are working with MoveOn and its creator Luca Amitrano to bring this programme to new markets. MoveOn training incorporates physical and mental exercises to strengthen body and mind, mixing elements of yoga, choreography and HIIT. Combined with innovative use of music, MoveOn is a unique and uplifting experience we want everybody to have the chance to try.

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We are working with global partners on an ambitious project to create a new smart village. This eco-friendly development will mix green technology with self-sustaining food farming and all the comforts of modern life. As well as linking with and supporting the local economy, it will also be a hub for business entrepreneurship and the development of a diverse and creative community.

We are working on a world first vertical farming and green energy solution for Kuwait. This pioneering project, with technology from Agrivert and Jones Food Company, will revolutionize the way Kuwait produces food and energy, making both sustainable and local through cutting edge tech and whole system change.