Success as the Hong Kong Family Office Summit draws to a close

Alea Global are proud to announce the success of our latest family office investment summit, the first one we have held in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Hong Kong family office Summit took place last week, and brought together prominent families in the region to share insight of all kinds relating to their ongoing growth and prosperity.

We believe that family offices all over the world share a common understanding, and that this can create new relationships between countries. This was proven during the event, as these family offices shared their own stories highlighting many of the same challenges and opportunities as those we face in the Middle East.

Our expert speakers came from a wide range of backgrounds and offered valuable information on all of the topics covered.

Delegates discussed such diverse topics as real estate, wealth management and family succession planning, as well as taking the time to network in a relaxed and friendly setting.

It was our great pleasure to expand our activities into this region, and we look forward to visiting again.