Foreign Investments Into Iran – January 2016


A number of investors are putting Iran in their investment map for 2016 post lifting the US sanction.

To invest in Iran you need to know the Iranian business culture and learn how to deal with it since it will be the success key. The Iranian economy was under sanction and isolation for decades. All the businesses between Iran and abroad were handled during the US sanction mostly by GCC based companies, China and Iranian businessmen who are settled abroad. This means the locals are not familiar with the international business norms. Investing into Iran; cash inflow, will be easy but investors need to study very well capital repatriation and the collateral for their investments.

Legalizations in Iran need time and cooperation with foreign international bodies to meet the international standards that will give a level of comfort to the foreign investors.

Currency in Iran has 3 exchange rates; from the Iranian Central Bank, Commercial Iranian Banks and Currencies Exchange Shops. Although the Iranian local currency the Rial is volatile.

Our suggestion is to have a local Iranian partner with international experience to enter the Iranian market handling the assignment locally. The political tension between Iran and the GCC countries should be taken into consideration before taking the investment decision.