Alea Global Group hosts high profile events where you can network with professionals from all over the world, including high profile Middle Eastern family office members.

We can also send a representative to bring their speaking expertise to your event.

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We plan and host professional conferences which bring together the most proactive and successful business minds from the Middle East especially and the world in general. By attending one of our events, you can grow your own contact list, network and create opportunities with potential partners, and learn about the ideas at the forefront of global business before anyone else.

The Alea Sessions

The Alea Sessions is a series of irregular but responsive events which we hold whenever we feel there are topics that need to be addressed and which our followers would like to talk about.

These events are usually shorter than our Family Office Summits, with a more focused programme, and with a lower cost of entry. They may occur anywhere in the world, and also online.

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