Foreword By Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO Of Alea Global Group

A foreword by the CEO of Alea Global Group

Although in many ways it feels as though we are now moving into a new world for which we have no blueprint, these times remind me very much of something else.

Much of what we see around us now in the Middle East – our cities and our way of life – came from our history of wandering from spot to spot in search of natural resources.

While previously this meant travelling through the desert to find water and wildlife, now we must apply this logic, spirit and persistence to our current situation.

New information about Covid continues to come to light, and new hope continues to spring up along with new opportunities that can restore our freedoms, economies and lives.

Like our ancestors we must keep moving, taking what resources we can and not stopping until we reach a point at which we can settle for good.
This means moving forward in a metaphorical but also a literal sense. We must reclaim our freedoms from this virus, and not be afraid to live and to travel as much as we are able to. Not only does travel broaden our minds, connect us and educate us, but it is also the backbone of many of the industries on which we in our professional lives have come to rely.

New variants may now be commonplace and regular, so it is up to us to decide whether we will stay in one place for the rest of our lives, or whether we will strive to keep our professional and personal lives moving despite these new challenges.

For myself and for our family office, we know that there is no substitute for in person events which bring together people from all over the world.

Through meeting face-to-face, and sometimes by chance, our own worlds can change and we can collaborate on ways to change other people’s worlds for the better.

We wish you all health and happiness, and look forward to seeing you in person as soon as possible.

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