The World’s Best Train Journeys

Get inspired by our top picks and take an eco-friendly trip by train for your next holiday.

The Rocky Mountaineer

Take a journey around one of the most formidable mountain ranges in the world – the Canadian rockies.

The Rocky Mountaineer runs a wide variety of routes, and prides itself on offering the world’s leading luxury rail package.

There’s no danger of missing a single view on these luxury trains, which all offer glass dome coaches, enabling unforgettable panoramas for everyone.

With every package including a luxury hotel stay, this experience is all about the soaking up the splendour in the daylight, so don’t expect any sleeper cabins.

Their most popular 2 day route runs from Vancouver in the east to the beautiful Lake Louise in the west. Passengers are treated to local cuisine and 5 star service, surrounded by awe-inspiring canyons and stunning lakes.

The Train to the Clouds

For a train journey like no other, nothing can top Argentina’s ‘Tren a les Nubes’ , aka Train to the Clouds.

One of the highest railways in the world, the track itself could easily be mistaken for a rollercoaster, and gives the passenger the sensation of floating through the air.

This astounding route departs from Salta, and gives tourists a breathtaking ride marvelling at the Andes and the famous Polvorilla viaduct. There’s a variety of tour options which make dedicated stops at panoramic photo opportunities, points of interest and local artisanal markets and cuisine.

The Trans-Siberian

As the longest, and most famous railway line in the world, the Trans-siberian line is synonymous with true adventure and exploration.

Running from Moscow to Vladivostok since 1916, and with connections to China, Mongolia and North Korea, this is one of the most unforgettable rail journeys possible.

Travelling no faster than 60kph, the journey gives you an amazing opportunity to take in the ever-changing scenery, from Soviet cities to awe inspiring lakes and meadows.

Trains, prices, tours and duration all vary because of this lengthy route (9289km), however it can certainly be done in luxury regardless of your schedule.

The Danube Express

The famous Danube Express offers a variety of handpicked journeys that explore the hidden gems of Eastern Europe.

One of the most popular is the Balkan Explorer, which starts in Venice, and over the course of 11 days ventures through 9 stunning countries en route to Istanbul. Passengers will get to soak up the beautiful changing landscapes of the Balkans and learn its fascinating history, all from the comfort of the opulent Golden Eagle Danube Express.

This train offers luxury en-suite hotel cabins, along with the finest onboard cuisine and entertainment.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Classed as a World Heritage Sight, this rail journey ascends deep into the Himalayas to reach Ghum, India’s highest railway station.

Also known as The Toy Train due to its size, this bucket list worthy steam train connects New Jalpaiguri with Darjeeling – soaking up jaw dropping views of tea plantations, waterfalls and stunning mountains along the way.

There are several ticket types, and though the full journey one way takes 7 hours, tourists can choose a much shorter ride and still get the full magical

Caledonian Sleeper

The Caledonian Sleeper is by far the most stylish way to travel between London, Scotland and the Highlands.

It’s a brilliant chance to explore the UK’s many vibrant and historical cities such as Edinburgh, London and Glasgow alongside the beautiful rugged Scottish countryside of Fort William and Aviemore.

These classic overnight journeys offer passengers a variety of options all focussed on the utmost quality of service and comfort, with every room complete with a bespoke Glencraft mattress (favoured by royalty).

If there’s one way to enjoy some of the best sights in the UK, it’s definitely with the Caledonian sleeper.