Latest News From Alea Global Group

We’re grateful that there’s so much happening in the family office sector right now, so we’ll keep our news brief! Here are a few highlights from our current portfolio.

  • Alea Global Group has become more socially responsible and forward thinking in our approach, and we have our community and their collective response to the pandemic to thank for that. 
  • The pandemic has, for us and for many others, been an eye-opening time in which we have seen gaps and opportunities to help our own countries.
  • Our focus is now on renewable energy and agriculture opportunities both locally and abroad, as part of plugging those gaps. We are already in the process of investing in a food recycling and vertical farming facility in our home country of Kuwait.
  • Fitness programme MoveOn is continuing to take Italy by storm, and we plan to expand the brand around Europe and the rest of the world.
  • We have relocated our smart village project with Aster Impact, the Aster Village, to Hawaii.
  • We are exploring new growth and investment opportunities in Latin America

And finally, a word from a wise friend of ours which has been guiding us through this transformative time: we only consider making a loss when we miss a good opportunity, not when we lose money.