Foreword By Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO Of Alea Global Group

Each issue for the past 18 months we have included a nod to the challenges our readers and everyone around the world is facing because of the pandemic.

But as we have become sadly accustomed to those particular challenges, there are others that are coming back into focus. Climate changes, local wars and geopolitical chaos, forced migration, longstanding disease and more.

Most, if not all of these, are caused in some way by human greed and carelessness – carelessness for our planet and for each other.

In this issue we touch on humans’ explorations of space, which has ramped up in recent years as we look to Mars with fresh eyes.

With the UAE Mars Mission just one among many global journeys to the Red Planet, and with Virgin preparing to send tourists to the edge of space for the first time, it seems that we are looking beyond our planet not merely for scientific means but also for a large scale commercial and societal future.

This fascination with looking to space for answers is not going to go away, and will only become more commonplace as technology and scalability allows.

Exploration is entirely good, and we fully support all efforts in this direction. However, our concern is twofold. Firstly that this new frontier will be available only to the wealthy.

And secondly, that we will take our focus away from damage being caused to earth and to the communities for whom space will never be an optional escape. It is only through powerful networks of powerful organisations and individuals that we can work to clean up some of these messes, control damage, create better lives and fight for a more properous society.

Certainly no kind of business entity, other than a family office, has the unique mix of personal and professional, independence and influence, history and future planning.

Our responsibilities as family offices is therefore more important in this new space age than ever before.

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