Introducing Synvance

Fares Abi Nader of Synvance gives us an insight into the company’s DNA, their Middle East plans, and more.

Could you give an overview of your professional journey?

I am an experienced serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of history in coordination, design and deployment of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business intelligence projects around Financial / Operational Reporting, Statutory Consolidation and Budget Planning processes. I worked for many major consulting firms (BearingPoint, ReportEdge, Ernst & Young, Abington) before joining Synvance group where I am leading the Middle East region.

I have developed a spectrum of expertise in Management Consulting, technologies and solutions across various domains.

What is Synvance all about?

Synvance is a Management and Technology Consulting firm ranked among the top largest recognized Digital Company in France with more than 300 employees in 4 countries (France, Morocco, Germany and Dubai).

For over 15 years Synvance Group has been advising its clients’ Financial and Operational Board with the objective of improving their competitiveness and preparing the future thanks to a large spectrum of expertise combining management consulting and technologies in various industries (manufacturing, oil & gas, insurances, retail, public sector), domains (finance, procurement, supply chain, Shared Service Center, Customer Relationship Management) and solutions (ERPs, Financial Planning, Reporting, consolidation & disclosure, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation).

These solutions are either designed by our numerous technological partners or designed by ourselves in a custom-made fashion in order to fit best and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Synvance DNA is to develop long term partnership of success with clients and partners, from designing ambition and transformation journey, to implementation and change management. Our unique ability to cover the overall transformation merging strategy and solution expertise in a human sized company (300 consultants) and our proven track record in Morocco and Europe to leverage our different centers of excellence to best deliver success with our customers.

The focus of the Group is to continue its international expenditure, looking towards Europe and the Middle East, with numerous new offices set to open in these regions in the years to come.

What markets around the world do you serve and how does your approach differ from region to region?

Synvance serves the Europe, Maghreb and Middle East markets and organizes teams around the world to offer the full range of services leveraging our centers of excellence in France (Nantes & Clermont Ferrand) and recruiting locally according to business development requirements & opportunities. Middle East growth plan anticipates a team of 60 people by the end of 2023.

Regarding your expansion into the Middle East, what hopes and plans do you have for this new chapter?

The Middle East is a prime area for innovation and investment. This is being supported by governments and private sector investors who are funding startups, technology and infrastructure in order to grow economies within the Middle East.

The region became a business and financial leader on a global scale. We are planning to cover 6 countries in the coming years which are Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar. The companies from these countries have understood the need for digital transformation in order to stay competitive and that is precisely our purpose, to accompany and guide our clients in their digital transformation journey.

A plan is put to best raise Synvance awareness in the Middle East, starting in Dubai by leveraging our strengths and ambassadors to get the Synvance brand known and present/share expertise and success stories with key influencers and key potential customers. This goes along with a strong partner network and a network of customers & personal relationships.

How has the global pandemic affected your growth or strategy?

The pandemic slowed our growth even though we managed to maintain our level of activity and our annual turnover for 2020. However, it confirmed the direction we wanted to take, keeping the same ambition, with new projects regarding Germany and the DACH region, as well as the Middle-East and keep developing our offers.

Strategy wise, clients projects got delayed, but we adapted our strategy to keep our activity level. We exploited and focused on different types of delivery. We put the emphasis on digitalization and smaller projects, with a more direct and visible impact for our clients (BI, RPA).

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