The Alea Office

This may sound surprising and counterintuitive but hear us out. Here at Alea Global Group we’re rebelling against the recent move towards remote working, and switching our longstanding remote working policy for something completely different. 

Ever ahead of the curve, at Alea we have been working remotely by default ever since I became the CEO in 2008. This is not only for logistical reasons – we are based in Kuwait with some of our staff overseas – but also for holistic business reasons; cutting commuting time, increasing productivity, and enabling individuals to have responsibility for their own time management. 

This has worked incredibly well for us pre-pandemic since it encouraged us to look to successful outcomes rather than mere attendance when it comes to tackling our jobs. Throughout restrictions, our productivity did not suffer at all since we have had such a well-established remote-working policy for such a long time. 

However, the pandemic taught us something we as a company already suspected and have continually built on when it came to our own networking events: that in-person connection and collaboration simply has no digital equivalent.  

No matter how convenient or cutting edge the technology available, remote networking simply does not produce the same results as we see every single time, we hold an in-person event.  

With this in mind, and with many months of online events now behind us, our appreciation for – and belief in – the power of face-to-face communication in business has only been strengthened.  

Considering this, we must now walk the walk ourselves. That’s why all our Kuwait-based staff will be based in our very first company office in 2023.  

With a single open plan space, we want to foster the same environment of imagination and problem-solving that we see sparked between our delegates at every single one of our networking events.  

Our staff work incredibly hard, and we’re excited to provide a dynamic place where they can come together and create new ideas and solutions for our business, and for the businesses who rely on us. Having this new space will also mean our team can separate their work and home life more effectively, leaving the office after a busy day to relax at home with the feeling of a job well done. 

So, when visiting us in Kuwait from next year onwards, we look forward to welcoming you into the new Alea Global Group office. See you soon! 

By Mohammad Al Duaij