Foreword By Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO Of Alea Global Group

Welome to another issue of The Alea Journal, packed once again with inspiring stories of people pushing the boundries of technology, entertainment, philanthropy and more.

This month we focus on esports and how this once fringe pastime has grown into a mighty industry that challenges traditional sport and video gaming while combining the best of both.

This blending together of the real and the digital is a growing trend in our lives, as technology becomes more sophisticated and changes every element of our existence.

We investigate the future of the car and how we can expect its use and functionality to develop over the coming years with the added implementation of software, among other things.

We also take a look at the continued prevalance of social media and who is winning the battle for online attention in 2022. More analogue ways of changing the world are breaking new ground too.

The work of Justdiggit is combining old methods of regreening with a modern marketing approach to cool the climate through organic means.

Meanwhile we have a whole new approach to human waste which could see a revolution in energy production as we learn how to transform our problem product into power.

This exciting spread of business and tech news sits alongside entertainment pieces in which we explore the career of actor Simu Liu, and the tale of Eurovision and its geopolitical edge.

We also profile the achievements of TV baker and entrepreneur Dean Brettschneider. In foodie news closer to home, our Colombian restaurant partners Elcielo have made big waves in the USA.

I hope you enjoy reading this latest issue and learning about the wide variety of business, lifestyle, travel and more, as much as we enjoy researching and covering it all.

If you have ideas for future issues or news of your own to add, don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, we hope you see you at one or more of our forthcoming events. As ever you can contact me at