Foreword By Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO Of Alea Global Group

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Alea Journal. If this issue had a theme, it would be transformation – the kind of transformation that turns people and companies into superheroes.

Not overnight, and not with the use of magic, but through sheer hard work, persistence, and inspiration.

In this uplifting issue you can read about the transformation economy, a sector that promises to turn each of us into the very best version of ourselves.

Find out about the plans for Neom, a sprawling region planned to transform the desert of Saudi Arabia into the most modern city in the world,changing the way we think of urban living.

We also explore the 33-year transformation of Al Rawabi dairy farm from a small herd of cows into a huge and expanding business producing dairy products for UAE customers on home turf.

The GCC countries, meanwhile, have continued to evolve together into a prosperous region others can seek to follow, with good news about the economy flowing in from recent reports.

In addition, find out how the tourism sector –formerly decimated by lockdowns and travel restrictions – is making a comeback through a mix of technology, work-life balance, personalization, and sustainability.

We also cover the beauty of landscapes through the work of photographer Ziyad Alarfaj, an engineer who became a phenomenal professional photographer.