Shedding A Light About Saudi Arabia In Our First Alea Insight – January 2016


Privatizing Riyadh International Airport, Dammam International Airport and the study of privatizing ARAMCO in a short time are the outcomes of King Salman reforming policy. This is an inspiration of Margaret Thatcher scenario in the UK in her era.

Foreign investors can invest directly into Saudi Stock Market and establish businesses without the need of local Saudi partner. This is a revolution in the Saudi economy which limited the local monopoly in the market.

The current tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the disagreement on some of the conflict zones files between Saudi Arabia and the Major Countries will lead to a further decline in the oil prices in the coming weeks. However, we believe the oil prices will get healthier in few months due to some actions will be taken by the GCC countries who are major oil producers/players. It is more political than economic factors.

The latest Political boiling tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the outcome of historic differences not merely a result of Saudi Arabia war in Yemen neither the execution of Nimr Al Nimr the Shia Sheikh.