Mohammad Al Duaij Attends The Aster Club Autumn Meeting – September 2018

Alea Global CEO Mohammad Al Duaij participated in a meeting of international members organisation The Aster Club at the end of September in New York. This was one of four annual quarterly meetings of the Club, which take place all around the world.

The most recent gathering was the autumn meeting, and Mohammad join in with a group discussion on the topic ‘The Art of Living’. In discussing the art of living, members shared family-focused stories and personal lessons on the key elements of life that can’t be bought, but which are vital to a fulfilling existence.

Mohammad’s own insights and contribution were based on his own experience balancing his responsibilities as the CEO of Alea Global and head of the Al Duaij family office, as well as pursuing his own personal goals.

The meeting was for an invited audience of around 20 people, each of them part of the Aster Club network. As well as Aster members sharing their stories, experts on the subject of the art of living also spoke to the invited guests to give helpful insight and suggestions for curating busy lives.