Welcome – Alea Journal May 2020

Welcome to the latest issue of The Alea Journal. No doubt by now we have all experienced the very real effects of a certain global issue, and it is not my intention to dwell any more than necessary on this topic. 

Without removing from its seriousness, we at Alea Global Group wish to look to the future with as much faith and optimism as possible.

This is because we are fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the most incredible, forward-thinking and humanitarian business minds in the world.

Seeing the work of great family offices in many regions has inspired us. There is indeed a global network of people who have the ability and the will to ensure we collectively learn the lessons of this trying time, and work together across borders to recover and thrive.

In this issue we explore some potential technology such as virus-killing LED lighting, and we ask questions about a controversial treatment.

But we’re also looking ahead to brighter times, with a focus on Elcielo’s multi-sensory restaurant phenomenon, some incredible travel destinations, and reasons to invest in Africa – among many other ideas.

To contact us with news and ideas for future issues, email  info@aleaglobalgroup.com.