Desert Technologies: Power To The People

In the same way that air conditioning changed civilization as we know it, could the SAHARA enable us to live and work to our full capacity off-grid anywhere with sunlight?

Based in Saudi Arabia, desert technologies have created a game-changing piece of technology that has wide- ranging implications for humanity.

Not only does the SAHARA solar power unit make it fast and easy to start generating electricity in even the most remote and inhospitable places , but by doing so it opens up possibilities for events, settlements, military operations, disaster relief and more.

What is the SAHARA?

The SAHARA is a ‘plug and play’ solar generator within its own compact self-contained unit.

Prefabricated and ready to go, it has solar modules, inverters, batteries and a controller. It operates silently and runs 24/7, providing power during the day directly from the solar system, while during the night it provides electricity through a battery pack.

Because deployment, build and maintenance are minimal, the prospect of efficient, cost effective and reliable power almost instantly – almost anywhere in the world – is a reality.

Real world uses

Military posts

Military deployment of any kind can be fast, unpredictable, and necessary in very remote locations for strategic purposes.

SAHARA is in keeping with the agility and sleek operation of all other military equipment, meaning mobile posts can be set up just about anywhere and powered just as though they were a permanent base.

An added bonus is the lack of transporting or storing potentially highly dangerous fossil fuels.

Outdoor events

Festivals and other large outdoor events usually take place in remote locations where there is plenty of open space to assemble infrastructure from scratch, and to host large crowds.

These kinds of spaces are not normally served by any form of power, and yet these loud and bright events need to entertain, feed and support the temporary housing of often tens of thousands of people at a time.

With the SAHARA, large scale outdoor events can power food, phones and fairgrounds by day, and stages, lights and bars by night – all within a weatherproof system.

Remote escapes

The best thing about getting away to a far flung resort in untouched natural beauty is that it’s completely remote. That’s also the worst thing too, without a source of power to provide the comfort and basic requirements of a relaxing stay.

Costly fossil fuels can be difficult to ship, while thermal power isn’t always possible. By installing SAHARA, these types of resorts can fuel their accommodation as well as their kitchens and agriculture.

Refugee camps

Sadly often housing more people than they can reasonably accommodate, and with a range of complex needs, refugee camps need access to reliable power at a low cost and with minimal installation time and labour.

SAHARA can be deployed in times of crisis to provide power for a multitude of functions needed within these camps, from food to heating, lighting, communications and medical facilities.

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