Introducing Your New Online Training Guru – Fabio Pozzetto

While many gyms have been closed, personal trainer Fabio Pozzetto has taken his training business online.

It’s proving to be a hit, with clients logging in from all over the world to train with Fabio.

Among the key advantages are the flexibility of scheduling, with no travel involved, and the preferential rates Fabio is able to offer for online only sessions.

We caught up with Fabio to see what he can offer through online training.

Has your business changed because of the pandemic? If so, how has it changed?

It changed massively during the lockdown when I was considering to shift fully to online. Now that the lockdown measures have eased, I am going back to normal with face to face sessions and some online ones.

What kind of results are you able to get for clients?

Getting results demand commitment and perseverance. If these two are in place, my clients tend to achieve the most amazing results, they become fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. One client for example lost 20kg in 11 months and now looks very athletic, while another became very fit & muscly from being very thin.

What are some of the non-physical things you teach people as part of their training with you?

Perseverance, discipline and moderation are key factors of success.

For online training with Fabio, visit or get in touch by phone on 0044 7472297738.