Foreword By Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO Of Alea Global Group

You may remember in a previous issue of The Alea Journal that I compared business to one of my favourite hobbies – climbing mountains.

Now it’s time for me to consider one of my other favourite passtimes – surfing.

It occurred to me recently how much these post-pandemic times can be like surfing, and how we can learn lessons in how to deal with uncertainty in business by considering the way surfers handle the unpredictable ocean. It is time to combine our skills with our faith in a bright future, and take to investment like never before.

We must be looking out for good investment opportunities as a surfer looks for a good wave. It may begin small and distant, but with the right kind of trained eye a surfer can tell which waves are going to become the biggest and best for surfing. And if we lose sometimes, that’s ok.

As we come out from some of the darkest times, we need to feel gratitude that we are still here and able to make these investments, and absorb the lessons as well as the successes.

In this issue you will learn about people who have taken a chance and found success sometimes against high odds.

They include ‘bionic chef’ Eduardo Garcia, whose professional and personal journey I find deeply inspiring and I hope you will too. We will also hear about new cryptocurrency AvocadoCoin, and Funding Souq – a revolutionary investment resource for small businesses and collaborative lenders.

We do highlight some of the world’s problems in this issue, as always, but we also seek to suggest or find solutions at the same time.

This issue is no different, and we include our own opinions on how some of our current problems could be solved. But there is also plenty of good news in these pages, and we invite you to share with us any of your projects you would like us to highlight in future issues.

In the meantime, we hope you see you at one or more of our forthcoming events. As ever you can contact me at