Learn From The Wisdom Of Wise Humanity

As our lives and our work become more inter twined in our lives than ever before, one organization seeks to transform both of these elements in a single swoop with revolutionary new coaching.

Wise Humanity’s courses are based on philosophy, literature, psychology, neuroscience and physics, and aim to level up individuals and teams in both their ambitions and their abilities. This international organization supports people from all walks of life in fulfilling their goals and being happier along the way, maximizing their potential.

For companies and individuals alike, the changes can be profound.

Through either a 12-week online course for individuals, or a choice of several programmes for companies, Wise Humanity applies their teaching in a way that is easy to digest and practical to implement.

Advocates cannot say enough good things about the process, with testimonials including such gems as ‘learning how to reframe our challenges and trust this process allows for less ego and greater impact in our lives’ and ‘in simple terms their concepts will change your life.

Not because they are magic and hold some secret remedy but because they open your mind to new ways of thinking’ . Wise Humanity describe their mission as one which combines ancient and modern wisdom and science about how we can live our best lives, helping people to ‘remove the self- limiting beliefs that are keeping them from turning into the best version of themselves and living life fully.

It’s a personal transformation journey for people individually and to create a compassionate, global community of human beings who respect each other and the Planet’.

This bold ambition is achieved through a step-by- step process to teach participants new inner tools and to activate them.

The course content

For people taking part in the 12-week Zoom course, each week focuses on a different topic with a two-hour lesson each weekend and exercises to complete during the week:

  • Week 1: Mental Chatter
  • Week 2: Unstick Your Story
  • Week 3: The Practice of Gratitude
  • Week 4: The Journey of Happiness
  • Week 5: The World of Connectedness
  • Week 6: Walking with Purpose
  • Week 7: Being Present in the Present
  • Week 8: Self-love and Relationships
  • Week 9: Values and Choices
  • Week 10: The Wisdom Behind Fear Fears
  • Week 11: True Meditation
  • Week 12: The Ego Bubble

This combination of the personal and the professional aims to address the issues many of us may be experiencing as we feel more and more connected to our work and how it links with our identities.

It’s not only individuals who can benefit from these teachings; companies can also choose from a number of bespoke options for their teams:

One-Hour Workshop Series

These are typically one-hour events, each one focused on one simple yet powerful tool of applied wisdom and emotional wellbeing that participants discuss and practise at the workshop. The series comprises twelve workshops.

Half-Day Workshops

These are typically three/four-hour events, for an audience of maximum 20 people.


These are retreat-like events of three to five days for a maximum of 20 people. The organization completely designs them around the client company culture and the desired objectives.


This is a one-to-one journey of three to six months. On top of the typical coaching tools, participants also use the Wise Humanity tools and the method of live sessions followed by practical exercises.

To find out more about the work of Wise Humanity, visit wisehumanity.org.