Therme Glasgow: A New Spa Experience In A Somewhat Unlikely Place

The new spa and wellbeing resort, from operator Therme Group, will be based on grand thermal bathing traditions.

The 20- month construction period is expected to begin at the end of 2023, and the facility will cost around £100 million. This botanical garden type design will sit at the intersection of the Kelvin and Clyde rivers.

With its all-glass construction, there will be a pride in the exotic spa’s location, thanks to views right across the local landscape. But this is not to be an elites-only destination, with the operators very clear that it will have a family focus and will offer something for everyone.

Inside will be thermal pools, an indoor water park, and a wellbeing center. Elsewhere on the site will be a vertical farming facility from Intelligent Growth Solutions, a Scottish company, which will grow fresh produce for the community using state- of-the-art growing technology.

This spa is one of several similar projects from Therme around the world in various stages of planning and development, on top of four open facilities in Germany and one in Romania.

The site is 20 acres in total, and sits next to the Riverside Museum, ensuring it will be as popular a destination for tourists as for locals. Therme have placed a strong emphasis on wellbeing with this particular project, making it clear they see the facility as having a role in improving the health of the community in which it will sit.

There’s even talk of a global center of excellent for wellbeing, which could work alongside the resort and work in partnership with the Government and the University of Glasgow. Before Therme in Glasgow opens, potential visitors can take a peek at Therme Manchester which is due to open in 2023.

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