Slovenia: A Wealth Of Landscapes In A Single Beautiful Country

Less visited by tourists than its neighboring countries of Italy and Croatia, Slovenia is a gem of a destination incorporating the best of both. With alpine regions, glorious beaches and stunning towns and cities, Slovenia is simply a must-see.Let’s take a look at just some of its attractions.

Coastal life

Coastal life

Largely landlocked, but with 47km of seafront between the Italian and Croatian coasts, Slovenia really makes the most of its sliver of ocean. Coastal resorts Portoroz and Piran are centers of relaxed nightlife and medieval beauty respectively, while Koper and Izola are historic fishing towns full of excellent restaurants, with a laid-back Mediterranean feel. All are close enough together to make town-hopping an easy adventure over the course of a few days.

Alpine regions

Whether driving through the beautiful mountains, white water rafting down the cool clear rivers, scaling hills on cable cars or sliding down them on summer toboggan lines like the famous Furious Pehta, Alpine Slovenia is a non-stop exploration of beauty and outdoor fun. Unspoilt natural scenery and panoramic views are broken up by historic towns like Kranj, Koroska and Radovljica, where you can stop for food or pick a hotel with historic character to stay for the night.


Slovenia’s capital city has a carless main street, pretty buildings and street furniture, and riverside restaurants aplenty. To say it looks like a film set is no exaggeration; it’s clean, attractive and surrounded by greenery, with a bike-friendly cafe culture and street markets to discover.

Lake Bled

Although there are multiple lakes to write home about, Lake Bled is probably the most famous – and with good reason. Surrounded by mountains, with its own castle, cycling routes, boats and the best swimming water imaginable, it’s no wonder Lake Bled is an entire resort all of its own. The region even has its own sweet treat, and you simply can’t leave until you’ve tried a slice of Bled cake.