Alea Sessions Takes South Korean Family Businesses To The Next Level

Alea Global Group has taken its Alea Sessions series to South Korea to help empower and unite family offices in the country.

Alea Global Group has been uniting family offices around the world through events for more than eight years and was delighted to be bringing the Alea Sessions format to South Korea for the first time on 6 October.

The aim of the event was to help families connect and network, to learn from each other, and to prepare for the future and the challenges to come.

Held in cooperation with Aster COOP at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, the event brought together 20 family businesses from South Korea.

The agenda included a host of insightful topics such as family office management for success, success stories and cautionary tales, safeguards and structures, and co-investments between cross-border families.

The next event is to be held in Miami later this year. Find out more here.