2023: A Year To Celebrate With Alea Global Group

Along with the rest of the world, we at Alea Global Group are celebrating the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 in the hope and expectation that the world is now on a fast-track to improvement.

As a family office with in-person networking events at the core of what we do, we have really felt the lack of real world interaction with our global network of families.

We also know that those families have missed the interaction with each other, and have missed having the kind of valuable conversations with businesses and service providers that can change their direction of travel. With that in mind, our 2023 series of events is set to be our best yet; a return not to our pre-pandemic form, but to an even greater level of excitement, ambition, and value for the families and businesses we work with.

Throughout the entire year we will be hosting exciting events around the world with renewed vigour, including our regular two-day regional family office investment summits to one-day Alea Sessions events addressing emerging ideas as they arise.

We will also mark our 10th edition of the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit. This year’s Summit will be a glorious 10th edition celebration bringing together the best speakers to discuss a broad and targeted variety of topics. Invitations will be sent to the region’s most well-respected family offices, and we will welcome them with an unprecedented level of hospitality to mark the occasion.

To find out more about our events in 2023, visit our Conferences page.